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The Staten Island Makerspace

The Staten Island MakerSpace is the first of its kind in New York City. It is a warehouse that was converted into a community workspace for artists, craftspeople, makers, hardware developers, and general hobbyists to do their creating. The building acts as an incubator, a space where you can go to learn the skills to create things and have access to the tools necessary to create them.

Architect, David Businelli owner of Studio 16 Architecture PLLC, was asked to design several classrooms and offices for the MakerSpace. He wanted to create a dynamic space that was functional at the same time. He did this by putting curved walls in the plan. He used approximately 30 linear feet of 3 5/8” 20 gauge Flex-C Trac,

“It is a unique product that allows you to create precise and distinctive curves without having to use the traditional methods of scoring and snipping track.”

By using Flex-C Trac it allowed him to create the precise curves he envisioned for this project.

The Flex-C Trac® system provides an easy way for builders to frame high quality curves by utilizing a simple, flexible metal track or plate for use with wood or metal studs. For more information on the Flex-Ability Concepts family of products for both commercial and residential applications, call 1-866-443-3539 or visit



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