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the Flex-C Products MIN RADII

Flex-C Products


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the Track Flange Designs

Trac Flange


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the ICC Report

ICC Report

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the UL TRAC Fire Compliance

UL Fire Rated Walls

Flex-C Trac Compliance

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the Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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the Deflection Spacing Chart

Deflection Post Spacing Chart

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Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Toll Free

866.443.FLEX (3539)

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Flex-C Trac, Flex-C Plate, Flex-C Angle – Canada 2330125, New Zealand 507672, Australia 760162, Europe 1073805, China ZL01815011.X and other patents pending. Hammer-Lock – US Patent 8,453,403. Canadian Patent for Hammer-Lock 265642. Flex-C Header – US Patent 7,210,271. Three Legged Dog – US Patent 6792733. Quick Qurve Plate – 7,941,983. Registered Trademarks: Flex-C Trac in US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. Three Legged Dog in the US and Canada, Quick Qurve in the US and The Curved Wall and Ceiling People in the US.