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Discover Our Arc Length Calculator

Accuracy is essential in everything done in construction. Without it, you not only will fail an inspection, you also will have a faulty system or building envelope.

Some architects and contractors are hesitant to incorporate curves into designs because it requires an additional level of accuracy, planning and execution. In reality, the intimidation around curves is just that—a fear of the unknown.

We do all we can to decrease the intimidation factor with education, human and technological support, and resources. One such tool is our online Arc Length Calculator. When you commit to curves for a wall, soffit, arch or other detail and are using a Flex-Ability Concepts’ product, you might be left wondering, “How many linear feet of Flex-C Trac do I need for this curved wall?" The calculator will give you the answer for Flex-C Trac and our other products. Check it out at

What you have to do is enter two of the three measurements listed in the Input Known Values table of the online calculator. Your output, or Arc Length, then will appear in one of the three tables, depending on which two measurements were entered.

When you are determining the values, be sure your measurements are to the outside edge of Flex-C Trac, Flex-C Plate, Flex-C Header, Flex-C Angle and Quick Qurve Plate. For Flex-C Arch, measure to the web portion of the product.

Your output can be printed, used for ordering products and taken with you to the jobsite. It is that simple! If you have questions along the way, call us at 405-996-5343 or email We are always available to assist with accuracy and remove any curve-related hesitation.



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