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Find support with our Arc Length Calculator

building with curves? use our arc length calculator

You received a specification for curves, and you are convinced that Flex-C Trac (or another one of the Flex-Ability Concepts products) is the right choice for the install.


But now you are stumped, wondering: How many linear feet of Flex-C Trac do I need for this curved wall?


A moment like this is exactly why we created an Arc Length Calculator that can be found on our website. The calculator helps you determine the linear footage for a specified curved application.


To use the calculator, enter two of the three measurements listed in the Input Known Values table of the online calculator. Your output, or Arc Length, then will appear in one of the three tables, depending on which two measurements were entered.


To maintain accuracy, be sure that your measurements are to the outside edge of Flex-C Trac, Flex-C Angle and Quick Qurve Plate. For Flex-C Arch, measure to the web portion of the product. Your output from the calculator can be printed, used for ordering products or taken with you to the jobsite for reference.


The calculator is easy to use, but we of course are here to help at either 405-996-5343 or Go check out the calculator at, and start computing those curves!



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