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Keep Your Head in the Clouds with Flex-C Arch

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Did you know our Flex-C Arch is the ideal product to create curved soffits and architectural clouds in ceilings?

Flex-C Arch was invented to frame arched doorways and windows. Along the way, we discovered—and so did architects and framers—that if you turn Flex-C Arch on its side, it’s a perfect product to frame arched clouds and soffits. Check out a quick video about it here.

Flex-C Arch is made with 20-gauge steel and is available in custom widths. In addition, Flex-C Arch can be customized for heights too because of the way it is laid out. When Flex-C Arch is placed on its side to make the cloud, you actually are creating different heights for a soffit or cloud, not widths. That’s a serious customization benefit!

The steps to create the curve for this application are the same as any other curved installations. First, draw the desired radius on the floor, and place the product on the line. Next, bend it by hand to match the desired curve. The shape is then locked into place with patented Hammer-Lock tabs. Just hammer the tabs into place; screws can be added if desired. You guessed it, we have another video about how to properly shape and secure Flex-C Arch.

To install the cloud, a few studs need to be added to cover the bottom of the cloud. Then the cloud can be lifted up over head and hung with wires or all thread.

You can make any shape you can think of and add down and up lighting or shadow boxes to the clouds. Beyond lighting, architectural clouds have acoustical benefits in office spaces, hospitals, schools, performing arts centers and churches. Plus, they give the opportunity to add design details to what otherwise is the expanding mass of a ceiling.

If you want one last video, one of Flex-Ability Concept’s owners, Frank Wheeler, returns with plenty of information—and puns—in this one. Give Flex-C Arch a try, and see how it can make your project fast, easy and accurate.



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