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Live and in person

As summer kicked into high gear, so did the return of socialization. Baseball stadiums went from 25 to 60 to 100 percent capacity by mid-June. Restaurants began to fill all their tables. State by state, the reopening orders have changed, yet again, how we live. These mandates also alter how we work because many trade shows and industry events are back—live and in person.

The Joy of Travel

The irony of this work-life change is some of us can tell stories about how daunting traveling occasionally was perceived. One person on our marketing team attended three different trade shows in Las Vegas one March, flying back and forth each time, with a total of five Vegas trips in one year. Poor her, right? What once was a story of exhaustion, exclaiming, "I travel too much," now is a tale of longing, "Can I please travel more?"

Many of us at Flex-Ability Concepts are ready to pack our bags and head back to trade shows or other events with safety protocols in place. We can joke about the woes of traveling, but the trade shows themselves offer excellent education, networking and continuing-education opportunities. Zoom, phone calls, texting and emails keep us together, but sometimes we need to literally sit together and brainstorm.

One of the best parts of trade shows is meeting you—the men and women in the field—who use our products. We love problem-solving with you and appreciate your input about our products. In fact, a trade show is where we started a 20-year-plus partnership with our Australian distributor. Trade shows are invaluable to the construction industry and the many construction segments that make up who we are.

Hit the Road

If you are ready to travel and can get away from your busy construction schedule, stop in and say hello at the:

For a complete list of construction industry events, visit the Design and Build with Metal events page. Many of the shows have virtual components if you are not quite ready or able to travel or if COVID-19 numbers increase in the fall and winter. We look forward to visiting with you!



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