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SNU Science Laboratory

Southern Nazarene University in Bethany Oklahoma recently built a new science lab, the J.D. & Mary West Science Laboratory. The new science lab is 25,891 square feet and contains five biology labs, three chemistry labs, two research labs, office spaces, and a green house. Southern Nazarene University places a high value on their science and mathematics department and the program was in need of a new and upgraded facility for students to learn in.

The J.D. & Mary West Science Laboratory was designed with a modern and technological feel in mind. They achieved this by including curves throughout the overall design of the science lab. Approximately 800 linear feet of 3-5/8” 20 gauge Flex-C Trac was used in this project. One of the aspects of the science lab in which Flex-C Trac was used were clouds in the ceiling, pictured below. These clouds gave the effect of having a curved ceiling. “Creating these clouds can be challenging, but with Flex-C Trac they are easier to build.” Ronnie Nail, of Nail Commercial Interiors, said “I like working with Flex-C Trac because it makes creating a consistent, smooth radius easier with less effort.”

The Flex-C TracÒ system provides an easy way for builders to frame high quality curves by utilizing a simple, flexible metal track or plate for use with wood or metal studs. For more information on the Flex-Ability Concepts family of products for both commercial and residential applications, call 1-866-443-3539 or visit



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