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How the stay-at-home lifestyle could impact design

The American Institute of Architects touches base with more than 500 residential architectural firms to generate the quarterly “AIA Home Design Trends Survey.” The fourth-quarter 2020 survey revealed how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing design practices and client preferences.

Architects reported their clients want: front/side porches to accommodate all the time they spend outside, durable products that require minimal maintenance and fire-resistant materials. This latest survey also showed an increased demand for multi-generational housing and a decrease in wanting infill and higher-density development.

Custom residential growth

Firms reported billing growth for the third quarter, as well as project backlogs, inquiries and design contracts from the third to fourth quarter. “The uneven impact of the pandemic on specific construction sectors is nowhere more apparent than in custom residential,” says AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA. “Though the initial impact of the pandemic hit residential architects hard, a stay-at-home lifestyle and the desire for more space and less density has increased homeowners’ desires to modify their accommodations.”

It appears homeowners are ready to design homes that better accommodate how we now live, with permanent pandemic-related changes. We hope this increase in the residential market stays strong and that curves are allowed to play a part in the new designs.

At home with curves

Curves in design dictate flow and comfort. They add a welcoming touch. They designate spaces, and they create dramatic effects. If you are wondering how to easily add curves into a house, we have several options:

  • Flex-C Trac: The curvable track is made of galvanized or galvannealed steel and is available in 20, 18 and 16 gauges and a variety of widths. It can be curved to virtually any radius. Flex-C Trac can create curved walls, columns, arches, S curves, domes and barrel vaults.

  • Flex-C Arch: Manufactured in 20-gauge galvanized steel, residential widths include 2''x4'', 2''x6'', 2''x8'', 2''x10'' and 2''x12''. Flex-C Arch creates arches in doorways or windows and makes curved soffits and architectural clouds.

  • Quick Qurve Plate: CDX plywood framing can be used for curved walls, ceilings, soffits or alcoves. It comes in 2” x 4” and 2” x 6” sizes, untreated or treated.

We are curious what the first quarter 2021 survey will reveal. Hopefully it is more good news about the residential market. As this market shifts, reach out if you have questions or need help designing or installing any curves. Now is the time to seize this market growth opportunity!



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