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Three Legged Dogs: Keeping Studs in Place

Three Legged Dog- the easiest deflection clip!

If you Google “three legged dog” and “Flex-Ability Concepts,” you have two categories of results—a yoga move or a deflection clip made by us. The good news is our product shows in the top hits, so well done Google!

We introduced the Three Legged Dog a while ago, adding on a number of sizes over the years. A dog is a mechanical device that prevents movement by holding an object in place by clamping, blocking or obstructing the object’s movement.

There are several deflection clip options on the market, but Flex-Ability Concepts’ Three Legged Dog is different because it is fumble proof. When an installer is on a ladder and plans to use a competitor’s product, it can be awkward to fasten a metal stud in place. We have engineered a deflection clip that eliminates fumbles because the clip slides over the top of the stud as you lift the stud into place.

The installation process begins by cutting a stud short, depending on how much deflection is needed. The Three Legged Dog then slides over the stud, with the “T” part in the stud, and twists into place. The stud can be fastened to the top track using screws or powder actuated fasteners. If positive attachment is needed, a screw should be installed in the slot and left loose to permit travel.

The product is available in: 1 ⅝”, 2 ½”, 3 ⅝” (this works for 4” studs), 6”, 8” and 10” sizes. Find a local distributor or visit to place an order.

Of course Flex-Ability Concept’s Frank Wheeler, one of the owners, has created an installation video to demonstrate the concept of a deflection clip and how to install a Three Legged Dog. Don’t worry, there are no yoga sequences in this one.



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