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Altar'd State

Contractor Adaptability Transforms a Business and Retail Space

July 15, 2019

When creating a truly motivating retail experience, the dedication of every construction team member is needed. Millennium Interiors in Pottstown, Pa., shows its commitment to its craft in all its jobs through its detailed work and corporate beliefs. This is evident in its work at Altar'd State, a women’s clothing boutique at The Promenade Shops at Soucon Valley in Central Valley, Pa., where Millennium Interiors created curves with Flex-C Arch and Flex-C Trac from Flex-Ability Concepts.

Jesse Aguirre, Millennium Interiors’ president, approaches each job with determination and focus because, for a while, he thought he would have to close his business.

“I founded the company in 2005 and focused on residential services for four years before the housing crisis and recession,” Aguirre says. “After that, we had to be adaptable or we would not be in business, so we moved to commercial projects. I learned a lot about business and my crews during this time.”

The switch was not easy, but the challenges of entering the commercial market were overcome with time and a lot of effort. Aguirre says he had to be willing to take on these challenges and problem solve with general contractors to stay in business.

Today, Millennium Interiors provides commercial, industrial and residential drywall contracting services. It specializes in complete interior, fit-outs, drywall, acoustical work, metal framing systems, carpentry, insulation, millwork, select interior demolition and painting. Millennium Interiors has 12 employees and works with six subcontractors.

For Altar’d State, Shremshock Architects designed a corporate theme with some variations based on retail space in different sites and cities. Shremshock is responsible for store surveying, design development, detail development and construction documentation for uniquely designed locations. At The Promenade Shops, Millennium Interiors was responsible for carpentry, insulation, drywall, millwork and acoustical ceilings. For curved areas, the crew installed about 50 pieces of 3 5/8-inch Flex-C Arch, 20 pieces of Flex-C Trac and 10 pieces of 8" Flex-C Arch. Curves are featured on walls, ceilings and soffits, and the curved storefront windows are arched.

With his crews facing challenges every day, Aguirre has turned to Flex-Ability Concepts to make the process more efficient. He says: “Flex-C Arch and Flex-C Trac are the best products on the market. The hammer-lock feature gives us the ability to pre-form a curve or circle by laying it out on the floor and locking the shape in, making it easy to frame challenging focal points.”

As Millennium Interiors continues into its 14th year of business, it remains poised for success because of its adaptability, skills and leadership. With the right tools and products, the crews can work faster and remain on track. Aguirre notes: “There are many challenges on projects that are just cookie cutters or building boxes, such as meeting schedules. But when a project is composed of circular shapes, non-symmetrical shapes and nice curves, the challenges get lopsided toward us the builder. By using Flex-Ability Concepts’ products, the field is level.”

For more information about Flex-Ability Concepts and its products for commercial and residential applications, call 866-443-3539 or visit

Flex-Ability Concepts pioneered the development of flexible framing products. Patented Flex-C Trac can be curved by hand on the jobsite and is the brand by which all others are measured. Flex-Ability Concepts has continued to add new sizes and gauges to its Flex-C Trac product offering. Other products include Flex-C Angle; Flex-C Arch; Flex-C Header; Quick Qurve Plate; and Three Legged Dog, a complete line of deflection clips.



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