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Dedicated to Domes

An example of a dome built with Flex-C Trac

One handy tool for creating domes cannot be found in your toolbox or work van. It is online at, and it has been available for a few years. The Dome Calculator helps designers and contractors determine the amount and type of Flex-C Trac needed to construct just about any type of dome configuration.

The online calculator is programmed so you can select from six Flex-C Trac gauge and width options, as well as rib spacing options. You also can select a combination that provides the load capacity. For a selected configuration, the Dome Calculator will indicate the size of the compression ring and tension ring required plus the number of ribs needed and their dimensions.

The website has a page dedicated to domes, including how-to videos with time-saving installation tips. Drawings are available on the site to illustrate each component and how everything connects. We also posted an order form for templates for all dome components, including templates that can be used as needed for the interior and exterior sheathing pieces of the dome.

Flex-C Trac, made of galvanized steel, is available in 20, 18 and 16 gauges and a variety of widths. It can be curved to virtually any radius needed. Flex-C Trac can be used for domes, as well as curved walls, columns, arches, S curves and barrel vaults. To create the right curve, you bend the track into position and lay it on a hard surface. Then the Hammer-Lock tabs—a feature exclusive to our products—can be hammered into place to secure the shape. Self-tapping screws can go into the sides for added strength. For the final step, the track just needs to be fastened to the ceiling or floor.

Everyone likes new toys … we mean tools. But sometimes it’s the basic things that make a job a success, like a Dome Calculator.



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