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Finding Your Product Rep

If you pull back the curtain to reveal what’s inside Flex-Ability Concepts, there is no wizard. There is magic though of a team that works well together in Oklahoma City from the front office, to sales and marketing, and into the manufacturing and distribution end. Sometimes people seem surprised that if you have a question about an install, radius, what product to pick or how to create a curve, you might be talking to one of the owners, Frank Wheeler, to find a solution. Flex-Ability Concepts—at every level—is here to problem solve and collaborate.

Beyond Oklahoma, there is a sales team scattered across the United States with international representation too. These product representatives know curves and understand Flex-Ability Concepts’ offerings. We have hiring options when it comes to product representatives, and we picked these individuals because we see their determination and drive. Conversely, the reps understand who we are and the expectations we have for a customer-focused mission. Sure, we need to sell product and maintain a business. In doing so we want to impact the built environment so more architects, contractors and building owners can see what curves can do to a space and how curves can be utilized in design. This can be done with simple tracks that make contractors’ work easier.

The latest product representatives to join our team include Amanda Pulley and Brian Fee, who have been with our company for about one year. That new energy balances with people who have been with us for many years, like Manny Meyer.

He says, “I’ve been distributing Flex-Ability Concepts’ products since 1998 and have represented them as a product rep since January 2013. I started representing them for the uniqueness of the product and the demand of the product. I continued to do business with the company because of the structure and integrity of the company. They are by far the best organization that I have worked with in my close to 50 years of selling fasteners and architectural-related products in the construction industry.”

You can find our U.S. team here, and our international sales team is listed at

So yes, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. We are out in the open and ready to collaborate with you on your upcoming 2023 projects.

Shining the Spotlight

Amanda Pulley is the Flex-Ability Concepts product representative for Texas. She is the owner of AJI Architectural Marketing, a company that works with manufacturers to present their portfolio of products to architects, engineers, contractors and distributors. Amanda has a background within the metal construction market, bringing experience and a unique perspective to Flex-Ability Concepts.

Amanda has lived in Oregon, Washington and California before settling in Texas. She is a self-described extrovert who honed her communication and sales skills as a teacher and photographer. Her introduction to the construction industry came when she started interior design photoshoots with her company, Vagabond Photography.

“I really enjoy working with design and construction professionals and meeting with the people who are responsible for creating such inspiring structures,” Pulley says. “Flex-Ability Concepts is a natural fit with my metal sales background. It is a company that genuinely supports its employees and customers, and I have been very impressed by the company’s leadership. I am excited to be part of the work it does, in such a positive manner.”

Pulley loves anything that involves water—boating, paddle boarding, water skiing and traveling. She is a health enthusiast who thrives being around people, whether that is at the gym or a country music concert. She lives in Austin with her two sport-enthusiast children.

“The distributors, architects and contractors in Texas have the chance to collaborate with Amanda to discover how easy it is to add curves into designs with Flex-Ability Concepts’ products,” says Robert Widmer, Director of Sales and Marketing with Flex-Ability Concepts. “We know she will represent us well in Texas.”



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