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Keeping it simple with instructional videos

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

At 356,000 views, 2.9 thousand likes and 289 comments as of posting this blog, a simple video in the Flex-Ability Concepts’ library remains the most popular. “How to Install a Self-Tapping Sheet Metal Screw” has been in our YouTube library for six years, and it holds the No. 1 spot.

The highlights of the video are really basic. Frank Wheeler, one of the owners of Flex-Ability Concepts, shows how to use a Phillips-head screw to connect two pieces of metal. He talks about the self-tapping screw itself, drill bit options (# 2 Phillips is best) and common mistakes. He makes some suggestions that are probably obvious but definitely help construction workers learn, like making sure the two pieces of metal are clamped together before they are fastened. He tells viewers to get used to the sound and feel of using a cordless drill so you know when to stop drilling in sheet metal (it’s at the point of tightness, not beyond).

We went there, and we read the comments. It turns out trade schools and apprentice programs use our videos, companies have added them to their training, and individual construction workers and homeowners have turned to Frank as a guide. Keeping it simple isn’t stupid, and using the KISS approach—with some humor—is something we do in all our YouTube videos. Check out our library at, and drop us a comment as you learn about curves and more from Frank.



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