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Levin Furniture

Showcase Store Highlights Team Effort

March 15, 2016

General contractor Brexton LLC, Columbus, Ohio, led its team during the creation of a new showcase store in Avon, Ohio. With metal framing installer M&K Builders, Stow, Ohio, by its side, the team installed Flex-C Arch and Flex-C Angle by Flex-Ability Concepts at Levin Furniture, a new store in an upscale development area.

The 75,000-square-foot, 2-story furniture gallery replaces an existing store at the site. Brexton began work on the project in June 2015 and completed it in February 2016. The company believes knowledge is power so it keeps its clients informed about work progress in a unique way—via drone. The drone videos showed the company’s efforts and teamwork to clients on YouTube or Brexton has been providing this service to its clients for about one year, and it is part of what makes the company a team leader.

Flex-C Arch was used on the exterior of the building in 13 arches that span lengthwise 21 to 27 feet wide. A total of 132 pieces of the 2” x 4” 20-gauge product were used. For the store’s interior, 310 pieces of 20-gauge Flex-C Angle were used on the radius soffits to create curved areas. The distributor was Best Supply, North Canton, Ohio. The curves were incorporated into the design to express the chain’s new high-tech, environmentally friendly vision.

Brexton worked with Flex-C Arch on previous projects, but this was the first time this crew used the product for exterior framing. This also was the first time M&K Builders installed Flex-Ability Concepts products. While some training was required to form curves and secure the framing members in place, the process was easy to learn and the results were savings in time and budget. Brexton offered tips and advice to the installer throughout the process because of its past experiences.

“The advantage to using Flex-C products is that it takes less time and is more accurate,” says Matt Leedom, superintendent with Brexton. “You can do the top and bottom track at the same time and this minimizes room for error.” Leedom suggested using Flex-C Arch because he knew it would save time, and Architectural firm Pontia Architect, New Albany, Ohio, liked the sound of that.

Photos courtesy of: Brexton LLC



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