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Linking together: Join our marketing action plan

There are about 4.48 billion people actively participating in various social media platforms. According to the Pew Research Center, only 5% of American adults used a social media platform in 2005. That statistic hit 50% in 2011, and it jumped to 72% in 2021.

Social media has plenty of negative connotations. We nevertheless remain active participants across several platforms because we believe in professionally using social media to tell our story—and yours. The truth is every business can network and ultimately improve their sales by creating quality social-media content, especially on LinkedIn. LinkedIn, the social media site for professionals and business-related content, has about 740 million members with over 55 million registered companies.

Get Going

Step one is obvious: create your LinkedIn page and make sure it is complete. LinkedIn research shows that sites get 30% more engagement when all the information is complete and updated. Next, get going. Search for your employees or co-workers, as well as distributors, contractors, manufacturers, architects and other construction entities with which you have worked.

Finding a few connections will lead to more because LinkedIn will provide connection recommendations for you. This is not like other social media platforms where you will be connected with your second-grade bestie. Rather, LinkedIn tightens your work network and expands it.

Join the Story

In everything we post, we are telling a story for and about our community. You, a member of our community, are vital to the story and the overall success of Flex-Ability Concepts. We can have meaningful conversations on social media about everything from trends to supply chain issues to project completions when we all actively participate (PS, we still offer same-day shipping with no supply chain issues). We have found that posting simply for the sake of posting does not get anyone anywhere.

The posts that have the most engagement are when we show how the construction community utilizes our products. This is where you can help! If you have begun planning a project with curves, tell us about it by emailing You also can post a Flex-C Trac, Flex-C Arch, Flex-C Angle or Quick Qurve Plate install on your page and tag us. Micah Juengel will connect the project team members and our internal staff to tell your story on social media and possibly in a press release.

So will you join us on LinkedIn, and stay for a chat?



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