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The power of telling a new narrative: Podcasts and construction

The very first podcast hit the streets in 2004 though people in radio had been playing with the concept of audio files that could be started and stopped during the 1980s and 1990s. First known as audioblogging, online radio or on-demand radio, the concept of "podcast" was born when journalist Ben Hamersley put together: iPod + broadcast = podcast.

Today, there are 2 million podcasts with about 50 million podcast episodes available. Crime mysteries, health, sports, motivation, gardening, hunting, food—there literally is a podcast about everything and anything. And yes, this includes construction.

We put together a list of some construction podcasts that you might like to follow while at a jobsite or on the road (information credited to their websites and in no particular order).

Podcasts are forcing people to come up with new narrative structures to talk about the processes and problems that we have been meeting and talking about for years. Give construction-specific podcasts a try to see if they help you navigate this unique time in construction.

Listen Up

The Art of Construction offers business, sales and marketing strategies. The team consists of a global network of contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, designers, skilled tradespeople, scientists, technology experts, owners, entrepreneurs and visionaries dedicated to learning, growing and pioneering the best way forward for the construction industry and our planet.

This weekly podcast discusses construction and legal concerns. Each segment is a short—about 10 minutes—and concise way to pick up some legal knowledge.

Hosted by Missy Scherber, CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio delivers boots-on-the-ground perspectives and stories from construction business owners and industry experts about their successes, challenges and whatever else is on their minds. Consider them your own personal mentors on workforce development, technology implementation, equipment solutions and more, enabling you to apply their expertise to your business.

Remodeling Business Blueprint helps remodeling and trade contractors build stronger, healthier businesses that are more trouble-free and take less time to manage. The objective is to help remodeling contractors have: more free time to enjoy life; a strong successful business; and the assurance of a bright, enjoyable future.

Construction Brothers was started by Eddie and Tyler Campbell, sixth-generation builders who love construction, architecture, engineering, technology and trades. In their day job, they work in the Commercial Construction sector of Virtual Construction. Because of that, they see a lot of things that work great and not-so-great on more than 100 projects per year.

The Connecting Construction Podcast discusses hot topics around construction project management with industry experts and program managers.

The podcast reviews news and current trends within the construction and technology industries with a special guest each week. The team is made up of construction technologists who geek out, offer media and PR services, and present for construction industry professionals at events around the world.

Beyond the latest construction technologies and best practices, this podcast series looks at the innovative ideas, creative voices and forward-thinking themes that are shaping the construction industry.

The podcast is dedicated to sharing stories of people who get the work done. Whether you're a bags-on trade or an industry leader, the podcasters focus on the people who are bred to build. This is for the people who wake up and move construction forward.

The metal sector is a huge global industry producing more than 1 billion tons of material annually. Peter Comerford and Michael Bolton talk to the industry players that manufacture and distribute these materials, as well as the engineering and fabrication companies that use these products on a daily basis.



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