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Putting the Flex in Our Products

A photo of construction of a building with curved walls

Flex is for flexibility. As in we make “curvable” products. (Oh, how we wish curvable was a word. Come on already, Merriam-Webster!) Flexibility also represents our business model of offering several metal framing products that can be curved to the needed radius by hand. Perhaps flex also is a reminder to us that every now and then we have to flex our capabilities to show off our offerings.


Here is a reminder to you about our core product lines. When you say, “Get me some of that Flex material,” there are three main options:


1.    Flex-C Trac, made of galvanized or galvanized steel, is available in 20, 18 and 16 gauges and a variety of widths. It can be curved to virtually any radius needed. Flex-C Trac can be used for curved walls, columns, arches, S curves, domes and barrel vaults. To create the right curve, draw the needed radius on a hard surface, such as concrete. Lay the track down and curve it by hand into position. Then hammer the Hammer-Lock tabs in place to secure the shape (self-tapping screws can go into the sides for added strength). Next the track just needs to be fastened to the ceiling or floor. 

2.    Flex-C Angle is just like Flex-C Trac except, having only one leg, it easily lets metal framing lay flat over the product. It’s ideal for furr downs or other installs where the second leg of the track would interfere with the perpendicular framing components.

3.    Flex-C Arch is manufactured of 20-gauge galvanized steel. Commercial widths are 2 ½”, 3 ⅝”, 4″, 6″ and 8″. The length is 8′, and the minimum radius is 9″. Flex-C Arch, the ideal product to create arches in doorways or windows, is extremely well-suited for making curved soffits and architectural clouds. It too locks into shape with Hammer-Lock tabs or by inserting screws, and it attaches to metal or wood studs. 


Our YouTube channel has several how-to videos with more information and installation tips. The videos can refresh your memory about what product to use for what application, and they serve as training tools for your crews.


If you have questions, contact one of our product representatives or find a local distributor. We are ready to flex our knowledge and skills in the office too, so you can reach out to us in a variety of ways here.  


Be flexible with your “curvable” options, and give Flex-Ability Concepts a try.




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