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The Video Star: Our Installation Tutorials

If you want to learn some tricks without much effort, check out our video series at

Sometimes our ideas for videos come to us when you ask us questions. We have one video about Flex-C Arch that started with an email asking if Flex-Ability Concepts has a product that can add a curve in elevation view to a straight wall. In the video, Frank Wheeler, an owner of Flex-Ability Concepts, answers "yes" and explains how.

"A customer was looking to add a design detail in a shower wall. He wanted the curve at the top of the wall to kind of look like a ski slope," Wheeler notes. "This look can easily be created with Flex-C Arch.”

Flex-C Arch is manufactured of 20-gauge galvanized steel. Residential widths include 2''x4'', 2''x6'', 2''x8'', 2''x10'' and 2''x12''. Commercial widths are 2 1/2", 3 5/8" and 6”. For commercial and residential applications, the available length is 8', and the minimum radius is 9". Custom widths are also available.

The product locks in shape with the Hammer-Lock tabs or by inserting screws. It attaches to metal or wood studs, and wall covering can be screwed directly to the product.

"Flex-C Arch comes straight and is easily curved by hand," Wheeler says. "It is the perfect product to make a curved top to a straight wall."

Among the details shared in this and other videos, the Hammer-Lock feature is prominent—because we are the only manufacturer who makes it! Hammer-Lock can be found on Flex-C Arch as we already mentioned and also on Flex-C Trac and Flex-C Angle. Once the desired curve is created by curving the track by hand, the Hammer-Lock tabs are simply hammered down to secure the shape. The Hammer-Lock feature is a way to create fast and efficient curves while maintaining the integrity of the product.

Wheeler apologizes in a video for the tutorial being so short, and I suppose we could do the same with this blog. The truth is the videos speak for themselves. Plus the installation of our products is so easy that it doesn’t take much time to explain—or do.

You can also visit our YouTube channel as another viewing option. Enjoy and reach out with any questions! We are always ready to make another video.



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