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Inspiring Students to Discover Curves with Our Scholarship

We have all been sucked into HGTV shows, whether we find them thought-provoking with a new idea or frustrating knowing we could do better. The home-improvement network has inspired generations of people in the design and construction industry, including Allison Winn, a third-year interior design student at the University of Oklahoma’s Gibbs School of Architecture in Norman. Winn is the latest recipient of a scholarship offered by Flex-Ability Concepts.

Winn picked OU to be close to her grandparents and experience a culture outside of her native Sacramento, Calif. She was drawn into interior design after binging HGTV as a child.

She says, “My favorite HGTV show since as far as I can remember has been ‘Fixer Upper.’ I have fallen in love with Joanna Gaines since the show aired and have taken plenty of inspiration in many of my residential project iterations. I have actually also visited the Silos, Silos Bakery and Magnolia Table—their restaurant—and absolutely loved it! Joanna's line with Target, Hearth & Hand, is one of my favorites to shop at!”

Winn did not know about Flex-Ability Concepts before the scholarship, which she applied for via the university’s CASH scholarship program. After graduation, Winn plans to work in an architectural design firm, gaining skills and knowledge in the design field. Her ultimate goal is to design, build and own a series of wedding venues across the United States. She has a contemporary and simplistic style.

Outside of school, Winn loves to travel, especially on planes, listen to worship music, hang out with friends, shop and exercise. She has taken advantage of having her grandparents close too, often cooking and sharing meals with them.

“This is the 23rd year Flex-Ability Concepts has offered a scholarship to OU architectural students,” says Frank Wheeler, an owner of Flex-Ability Concepts. “This relationship with OU has been important to us because collaborating with architects is something we strive to do. Being part of the learning process with students, like Allison, is our responsibility as a participant in the construction industry. We all play a role in supporting these inspired students and exposing them to new products and techniques.”

Congratulations, and best of luck, Allison!



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