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Wood framing: We do that too

Does the thought of Flex-Ability Concepts and wood make you pause? Yes, we are the company that manufactures Flex-C Trac, a galvanized steel track system that can be curved into varying radii to create curved walls, ceilings and soffits (along with a few other steel products). We also have a wood version of Flex-C Trac called Quick Qurve Plate.

We released Quick Qurve Plate in 2008 because we wanted to bring a product to market that would help wood framers quickly and easily create curves with the tools they are accustomed to working with (nail guns and circular saws). We recognize that working with sheet metal is not their specialty.

A contractor recently told us how he used Quick Qurve Plate to frame a home’s curved exterior wall in the basement, main floor and second floor, as well as a staircase with a turret at the top. He used Quick Qurve Plate again the following year to build an amazing curved pool slide at the same home. You will want to read the press release about this one—it is a really cool install. This testimonial reminded us that maybe we need to refresh some people’s memories that the curved wall (and ceiling) people are also the steel (and wood) people.

Quick Qurve Plate

Quick Qurve Plate has very similar installation steps to Flex-C Trac. Both products are easily shaped by hand to create the proper radius. Quick Qurve Plate, however, is cut to length using a saw rather than tin snips, and it locks into shape using nail guns or staplers rather than the Hammer-Lock feature or self-drilling screws. Both work great depending on your situation.

There are four versions of Quick Qurve Plate. It comes in 2” x 4” (outside radius 12 inches) and 2” x 6” (outside radius 18 inches) versions, both in pressure treated and untreated.

Instead of reading more about the details and installation steps, listen to Frank Wheeler, a Flex-Ability Concepts owner and founder, talk about Quick Qurve Plate on our YouTube channel.

Cool Curves

Thank you to the team at Copper Homes for using Quick Qurve Plate in a unique residential application. We were really impressed! Although the product has been around for 13 years, we still enjoy seeing the structures built with Quick Qurve Plate.



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